PLACE identity Series

Land Acknowledgement @ Time of Custodian

In the spirit of reconciliation the PLACE identity Series acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of land and sea throughout Australia and their connections to the land and sea.

Place Statement @ Time of Conception

Is a contemporary visual approach to digitally photographing and montaging the landscape to express the psychological space within a designated place of identity. I continually aim to acknowledge and understand the land we are upon and my personal response of the stimuli that surrounds me with each step taken.

Personal Narrative @ Time of Capture

The day of arrival, a key date to every individual…

Entering the atmosphere at a set time, on a set day, in a set location gives the individual their identity to when, where and how. At that initial moment after the entry into this world there appears to be no boundaries or limitations enabling the individual to wander with an active imagination. Connections are made or disconnected; the bond of love has to be discovered.

Then the growth begins, the connections are made or disconnected, the bond of love will unravel in the journey. At times; great complexities appear, testing the boundaries of self love as the continually repetition of words reappear at different times with different meanings from the guardians speak.

Within time the individual grows and the repetition of words extends to a point of mandatory process and the episodic memory swings into motion and retrieves a narrative to soothe the moment. The pendulum gains momentum as the memories travel back and forth, then at one moment of the numb narrative the pendulum rests and lets the history to be the history.

Visual Information @ Time of Creation

The contemporary artwork is a layered narrative reflecting Emu Park’s urban and natural environment. Emu Park is a small town located on the Capricorn Coast, Central Queensland, Australia. On a Saturday afternoon 8th June 2014 I was continually photographing my response to the small town and beach. In February 2015 post production commenced and two digital montages became Lot 5 in the PLACE identity Series, reverberating mixed emotional sensations as I wandered.

Found Quote @ Time of Completion

Kahlil Gibran once said, “You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts.”