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Using social media since 14th November 2014 the HEART Project has been photographed & uploaded into Instagram. My hearts are found on location a majority of the time. The aim to the HEART project, is to remind us of the beauty around us and the beauty we hold within. You can click link below to see more hearts by following my travels on Instagram.



artist memoir Of self being the beginning point of me identifying who I am within the Zone of Zeitgeist. When exhibiting amOs I reflect upon past experiences to present situations that give me further insight into the intricate web that surrounds my identity. To maintain the essence of my identity, my awareness to being my Authentic Creative Self is by Knowing my Shadow Self.



Place statement at time of conception. Is a contemporary visual approach to digitally photographing and montaging the landscape to express the psychological space within the designated place of identity. I continually aim to acknowledge and understand the land we are upon and my personal response of the stimuli that surrounds me with each step taken.