I am an Australian Independent Multidisciplinary

Artist researching identity.



I am continually investigating

the individual creative self

within a location to understanding

the vulnerability and resilience within

constant environmental and social changes.



My methodology flows from a wide source

of theories within

Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology

that I have been

researching and expressing

in regard to identity.



Each creative step I take is a footprint

I have made and left behind

as I experience continuous changes

within systems I enter.



I am often learning different

ways to navigate

my individual self

by Knowing my Shadow Self

to being my Authentic Creative Self

in my art practice.



From a young age

I have been

communicating art through

Photography, Paint, Installations, Illustrations,

Books, Music and Performance.



I work intuitively and become

ignited from the grass roots level


three pathways being

the HEART project

amOs – (artist memoir Of self)

PLACE identity Series



I am a student of life

and will always be in

development creating new ways

to understand why

I have chosen identity

to investigate and how

identity impacts my life and others.


For a detailed overview of my

art practice to date you can

see my CV

May your day be full of discovery as you embark

on your next Creative Step

Love & Light