PLACE identity Series
LOT 19

Land Acknowledgement @ Time of Custodian

In the spirit of reconciliation the PLACE identity Series acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of land and sea throughout Australia and their connections to the land and sea.

Place Statement @ Time of Conception

Is a contemporary visual approach to digitally photographing and montaging the landscape to express the psychological space within a designated place of identity. I continually aim to acknowledge and understand the land we are upon and my personal response of the stimuli that surrounds me with each step taken.

Personal Narrative @ Time of Capture

The beginning of many adventures to come…

Cutting the umbilical chord was more than I ever imaged, the tune was filled with various chords. Energy high and the land became a feast of visual and auditory appetite. Rediscovering the vibrations and the ambience of colour, sound, smell, hot and cold all in one package.

Visual Information @ Time of Creation

The contemporary artwork is a layered narrative reflecting Yanga National Park, natural environment. Yanga National Park is situated near the town of Balranald in Western New South Wales, Australia. On 6th March 2016 I had the opportunity to pass through and roam the land continually photographing my response to nature’s language. In April 2017 post production commenced and one digital montage became Lot 19 in the PLACE identity Series, feeling the magical moments of healing.

Found Quote @ Time of Completion

Albert Einstein once said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for exciting.”