7200 seconds

On Monday 7th November 2022 Natasha Narain and Karen Milder continued their collaboration.

As 2022 sped on, we both knew that time was passing us by, and it was time to continue collaborating towards the next phase of our ‘in sync’ artworks, being chapter three exhibiting together.

Karen’s thoughts when sharing the idea in prep stages.

Let’s have a cuppa?

That’s what we do best!

A non-stop impromptu conservation whilst billions of seconds participate in a creative opportunity of development. We are on parallel and independent paths.

Natasha’s response when together in shared time.

It’s been a joyful and recuperative 7200 seconds, thank you Karen. Your optimism and compassion are as strong today as they were when we first met. Our works sit together, relaxed, embodied, in conversation, and perform cyclic returns, placed together in varied settings and exhibitions. It is a privilege to be cocreating and sharing so many words and thoughts over many years. To our boys, who we love dearly and to your Mother; who always sends blessings. I feel surrounded by kindness and wrapped in care, in your company.