Unconnected Yet -- Lorne

Pixel Panel II

A leap of the imagination, being part of amOs – (artist memoir Of self).

A breath from reality and reconnecting to creative spirit. The universe in universal thought. A symbolic digital photomontage tapestry from the unconscious mind, body and spirit within the framework of me, myself and I, being in place and space within the zone of zeitgeist.

Pixel Panel II is a portion of my parts that present themselves at time of placement.

A touch of surrealism meets whimsical notions resembling the essence of an imagination in a dream reflecting rejuvenation.

Carl Jung’s spirit in fairytales frequently enters the thought whilst in post-production.

Pixel Panel II being part of the second iteration travelling expanding exhibition Unconnected Yet — Lorne about the junction between things. Creativity that explores any combination of art and science or cross-curricular inquiry.

Further information can be found at www.unconnectedyet.com