Strangler Cairn

It was time to meet Andy Goldsworthy ‘Strangler Cairn’ in the Conondale Range National Park, Queensland, Australia.

On an early Sunday winters morning being the 5th of July 2015, Sandra Ross and I set out to collaborate on a path from Booloumba Creek to the ‘Strangler Cairn’ by foot.

The energy of the land and trees was exceptional on this morning walk of discovery as nature exhibited an abundance of thought-provoking discussions around the intrinsic layers that the national park provided.

A stop start affair of wonder, each turn leading to another room of undergrowth, root systems exposed, with another chance to be taken to install thought to metaphors of self within the status of that day.


Karen’s thoughts at arrival of the ‘Strangler Cairn’


I must investigate the circumference as well as touch a fine specimen of creation.

Once my curiosity was satisfied a new vision started to appear from within and without hesitation my birthday suit appeared, and I felt I had rebirthed the next chapter of me.

My inner child was complete again and I unpacked my back pack and installed a temporary exhibit with my meditation mat I painted and other items that connected with my heart and soul.

It was wonderful to collaborate with another talented creative art soul.


Sandra’s thoughts upon seeing the ‘Strangler Cairn’

I had been to this place before and was curious to see if the strangler fig had grown. A tiny plant appeared on top of the beautiful egg-like shape. I imagined it one day engulfing Andy’s stone cairn like he intended.

Karen and I wandered around curious to see what else was hidden in the clearing surrounding the cairn.

I sat and made a drawing while Karen disappeared behind the cairn where there was a ladder awaiting someone to tend the tiny fig.

She appeared pearly white and naked, her body in stark contrast to the gloomy grey colours surrounding us.

I took photos of her, and we were joyous.