An Artist At Play…

Continually practicing my Multi Discipline Art Practice.

To exhale I inhale and hear my breathes release from my internal soul.

Right now, I am in creation of my 2nd book Hate and Dark.

Hope, whilst navigating the path that continues to wind throughout the various obstacles that arrive to greet the day. Being in a zone that requires discipline and progressive thought to achieve when a random moment of opportunity arrives. It can be hard to acknowledge and let go and feel free to explore the idea and produce internal dialogue that represents intrinsic inner explorations of self-sabotaging programing.

Each breathe becomes identifiable to inhale and exhale knowing that this process will calm and soothe the habitual habit of pattern that happily repeats itself. Build make and reuse that is stash within the confines of a small ship where every box contains a possibility of purpose to extend and prepare towards the next install.