Love & Light

Duality of locations that began many moons ago …

It wasn’t until now that I realised after reflection of the last 48 years that the recent time spent between Red Hill and Redcliffe would have enable me to understand my ‘Authentic Creative Self’ further.

Creative development for ‘Love & Light’ the solo exhibition and book launch has sent me back on the dirt track, road and freeway many times travelling various directions to locations known and unknown.

The exhibition visual presentation aligns with the chapters of the book to how I explore and research ‘Identity’ in my art practice.


The ‘in utero’ Series created in the traditional darkroom was first exhibited in Melbourne for the ‘WOMB’ exhibition with Natasha Narain. Now the ‘in utero’ Series presents its arrival for my solo exhibition and book launch. I wrote for the ‘WOMB’ exhibition … ‘After birth we spend our days with no recollection of that event, though behaviours and characteristics unravel as we pass through the years’.


With learning from David Attenborough documentaries the individual traits of a tree and how each tree species has a special place on this planet, this has led me to admiring the language of trees more. Since I can remember I have been fascinated with how no two branches are ever the same. I frequently entertain myself photographing trees on my mobile phone.


The last image left ‘Path 4’ from the series ‘Generation’. This image has adorned my wall since 2012 and I have received great strength from it as I found my confidence in being my ‘Authentic Creative Self’. I am now ready for it to have a new home.


The dictionary illustration arrived immediately! Wandering down many corridors and back street alley’s as I learnt to understand how modern English worked in written and verbal communication.


Another egg illustration was drawn and when the book started morphing into proofs I found the first egg illustration wasn’t the right visual to depict the points within the chapter egg.


A release of my ‘Authentic Creative Self’ to better understand my strength and weaknesses to go forth with confidence to share my mistakes and successes to further discover my art practice as I research ‘Identity’.


The gambler illustration arrived immediately! Juggling life and surviving the ride as I wander down my dirt track, road and freeway. As the song ‘Gambler’ goes… Know when to hold them and know when to fold them and know when to walk away and know when to run.


Home is my birthday suit; that holds my heart.


Spending time in Redcliffe to explore the visual language of the Peninsular, LOT 16 from ‘PLACE’ identity series arrived.


I often look at myself in the mirror working out if I am judging myself to hard?


Mum and Dad gave me my rocking horse in Nile Street. Before I put the rocking horse on kerbside collection due to extreme deterioration. I then photographed it cut it out and years later photographed the cut out on bitumen.


The love illustration took time to evolve. Several attempts and here is the winner. I just love this illustration as it makes me happy.


As I find my next birth mantra I am forever sketching ideas in my visual journal. On quest to unravel my next birth mantra I came across this sketch and felt it quite apt to share ‘me, myself and I’.


I still remember sitting in the art department at Emmaus College making this vase and enjoying the chat I had with my peers as the vase formed. It was entered into Central Queensland Art Students Exhibition and I received a merit award for ceramics in 1985. I have carried my vase with me everywhere, time to let go and make some new work.


I am forever collecting rocks from various locations.


Driving into Stanage Bay with Gavin for the first time as the sun was rising to greet the new day and I was continuously capturing this gorgeous tree in the distant on my old HTC mobile hoping the heart I saw would be captured to post for ‘the heArT Project’. The image didn’t make the ‘the heArT Project’ though it is here with me today sharing the static pixels of a moment on my dirt track.


After I made sense and eternal peace with Dad passing, I went out to Manly with Melissa to have fish and chips and watch the full moon rise. I documented as I ate and chatted about the memories I shared with my father. LOT 15 arrived for the ‘PLACE’ identity series.


My visual journals are collection of personal rules that come from research and intuition flow that I find intriguing. Continuously downloading and filing my research and creations it has enabled me to reflect back over time as I produce the next body of artwork.


Some situations are simply to resolve. Though other times, I wonder how long is a piece of string?


As Gavin and I were travelling south on the highway to Adelaide, the magical sky provided this gorgeous portrait.


The beginnings of growth


This canvas began quickly in mid 2016 with ‘I am unique just like you’ and I thought this would be a quick painting. Little to my surprise I am stilling painting as I write now my personal catalogue for the exhibition. My tribe, my village holds extraordinary people who have shared their love in all shapes and forms. Thank you to you all, I cherish what I have learnt.


Creating the Graphic Batch Series for ‘the heArT Project’ was research, experimentation and entertainment that I discovered on my old HTC mobile when I was healing my broken ankle in 2016.


As I research identity and learn through my travels I will often express myself in a traditional darkroom doing photograms. In 2015 the X-Chromosome series was created.


How do I see youthful in this blossoming plant? I see the character lines that we all get as we get older. I see the youth in the flower and I see the magic of spiritual growth that is gain as another year passes.


I love painting my meditation mats. I sit on them, hang them on the door and I talk to myself as I explore the next stage to my ‘Authentic Creative Self’. I paint my feelings and at various stages of development I take my meditation mat on location and photograph it. Thank you universe for letting me be able to express me.