PART of amOs - (artist memoir Of self)

The Official Title and Art Statement in Twenty-five Words

PART of amOs – (artist memoir Of self)

Being the beginning point of me identifying who I am within the Zone of Zeitgeist, reflecting upon past experiences to present narratives by having hope.


Display Measurements

Height   195cm

Width    150cm

Depth    65cm


How it Began

I broke my ankle in April 2016 and I was left with the thought; what do, I do now?

Write a book entered, (as I said to myself since a little one that I would do it someday) and that’s what I did.

Love & Light Book 1 The Strength Within was fortunate to have a solo book launch and exhibition in Redcliffe, Queensland in 2017.

Seven years later I celebrate Love & Light Book 1 The Strength Within and Hate & Dark Book 2 Hope Within Conflict together to companion my future endeavours by tapping into Me, Myself & I being in the Zone of Zeitgeist.

A big thank you to Logan Central Library for granting the opportunity to exhibit in their display cabinet with my visual narratives adorning the display shelves giving reference to the chapters within my two books.


Additional Notes

Always aiming to do my best to support my spiritual quest to being the best version of my Authentic Creative Self, I embarked on truly knowing my Shadow Self. To knowing my Shadow Self I needed to acknowledge that when conflict arises around me my physiology would change.

Self-investigation became a regular daily practice once the decision to write, illustrate and self-publish my two books. Greater insight arrived as each chapter appeared and I noticed that I started to learn the spiritual alchemy of my core self and fine tune my frequency by building a sound foundation that would fundamentally drive my pursuit to finding the core essence of self.

I follow my heart and allow my head to follow. I free flow often in creation and as I do I find myself in all sorts of gorgeousness. Always saying to myself it will only take five minutes, and yes sometimes it does though I am in acceptances when the flow leads to seven years later when the masterpiece is completed.